How to participate in the Heroes and Empires’s SPO on Starpad

We’re excited to announce that our first SPO – Heroes and Empires will be activated on Starpad at 14:00 UTC, October 6th. To help the community fully prepare for this special event, Starpunk team has released the detail instructions about How to participate in Heroes and Empires’s SPO below: 

1️⃣ At 14:00 UTC – October 6th, Register in Starpad: 

2️⃣ Connect your BEP-20 wallet on Starpad

3️⃣ Join in $HE’s SPO Private Sale pool 

4️⃣ Click the “Lock” button and confirm to lock 2,000 $SRP in at least 24 hours on Starpad to be eligible to participate in the SPO.

5️⃣ At 14:00 UTC – October 10th, HE Private Sale Pool will be opened for participants to buy $HE token. First comes first serves. 

6️⃣ Your $HE allocation will be available to be claimed on the TGE date. Click the “Claim TGE” button to claim the first token batch released.

7️⃣ After locking, you must wait 7 days to be able to unlock your tokens.

8️⃣ The rest of your token allocation will be released following the token vesting schedule. Click the “Claim token” button to claim.

📆 SPO Schedule

• Buying time (FCFS): 14:00 UTC, Oct 10th, 2021

• Listing time: TBA

• Claiming time: TBA

📚 Pool Details

• Ticker: $HE

• Token Price: $0.01 per $HE

• Total allocation: $20,000

• Max purchase per wallet: $100

• Accepted currency: BUSD

• Lockup: 20% TGE, 3 months cliff, vesting linear monthly in 16 months

About Heroes & Empires
Heroes & Empires is a Play-2-Earn strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. The game is developed by Imba Games & CryptoViet Labs on the Unity engine with modern gameplay, blockchain integrated and high-end graphics, separating it from the rest. Heroes & Empires will be compatible on both PC and mobile to bring the best experience

About Starpunk

Starpunk is the all-in-one, decentralized incubator, cloud solutions provider, and launch ecosystem for NFT Gaming startups. We empower game developers, token buyers, and players to build a blockchain-based economy, accelerate the introduction of new NFT Games into the market through our Game Launchpad, and allow projects incubated by Starpunk to launch their own white-labelled NFT Marketplace.

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