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Game Developer Problems

Most game developers have a limit in human resources, financial, game development and marketing experience.

In terms of marketing, most game developers do not have strength in communication. Some independent research show that the cost of publishing, advertising, player incentive rewards, community building, accounts for a high proportion of the total cost structure.

Talking to human resources, game developers often works independently or in small groups, the team is founded on a previous relationship rather than an external source. Relationships in the development team are vulnerable if disagreements arise about orientation or other factors. Especially, projects are built on the opinions of a small group, which easily raises many problems about how to design the game. When there are no users, it is difficult for developers to have real data to perfect the game.

Financially, developers are easily given up by additional cost barriers such as design, marketing, and operations. With the game market exploding, the cost to reach and grow users creates a big challenge.

Starpunk Accelerator

Starpunk, in partnership with several established gaming studios, hosts its own launchpad and acceleration program. This ensures ongoing demand for our cloud services and consistent incentives for the community.

To be qualified for the fundraising round on Starpunk, NFT Gaming startups have to pass the following process:

  • Stage 1: Register

The project is registered by the game studio/game developer via the registration form.

  • Stage 2: Project Due Diligence

The professional team at Starpunk will conduct a thorough review of the entire project.

  • Stage 3: Consulting & Development

The professional team at Starpunk will support and advise on development with game studios developers.

  • Stage 4: StarPad

Introducing the game products to crowdfunding via early P2E NFT Asset or token.

In Stage 1, projects have to register their information following the sample. The required document includes demonstration products, project description, Pitch deck, and MVP. The attached files have to be available for Starpunk team to access. The registration form will be sent to [email protected].

In Stage 2, Starpunk will conduct the diligence process regarding gameplay, artwork, game design, game economic, core developer team, current resources of our candidates.

If the project passes the diligence process, Starpunk will collaborate with them on the technology integration, complete the relevant product and then move to Stage 4.

In Stage 4, the project will be connected with selective partners and launch their Public Sale Offering on Starpad.

About Starpunk

Starpunk is the all-in-one, decentralized incubator, cloud solutions provider, and launch ecosystem for NFT Gaming startups. We empower game developers, token buyers, and players to build a blockchain-based economy, accelerate the introduction of new NFT Games into the market through our Game Launchpad, and allow projects incubated by Starpunk to launch their own white-labelled NFT Marketplace.

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